During the second year of filming for two year project, Encore, Jake Kuzyk joined the Deja Vu crew, an easy addition to the group of Quebecois due to his copacetic sensibility for executing tricks with an adherence to both creativity and perfection. Jake’s snowboarding is proper by definition, whether this Vancouver-based boarder is dropping in the city or in the backcountry, his tricks are always deliberate, considered, and a deft combination of individuality and archetype. In his segment in Encore, Kuzyk susses out street spots that offer plenty of opportunity for technical riding on a large scale. Two-story creepers to redirects, big close-out back ones, squared up lipslides and frontboards–every shot is loaded with Kuzyk’s easy style.

As Jake spends the current season stacking clips for the Vans Snowboarding movie, we’re stoked to drop his Deja Vu full part to tide us over until his new section comes out. Even more, Jake sat down with friend and filmer Jake Durham to talk about filming for Encore, what he’s been up to this winter, and his experience behind the lens, which is as intricate as his time spent in front of it. You can read their conversation here, because regardless of medium or location, Kuzyk is a snowboarder who sets a standard that we enjoy watching and re-watching, we aspire to emulate, and mostly, we appreciate, always looking forward to what this Winnipeg native does next.