The new and improved 2016 Dew Tour explained by SNOWBOARDER Magazine’s Creative Director, Pat Bridges, and Field Editor, Mary Walsh. With the inclusion of a team format, along with independent jump and rail lines combining for a single slopestyle score, the 2016 Winter Dew Tour is definitely taking it up a notch.

Men and Women’s jumping and jibbing will be over the course of the next two days, along with the new adaptive competition slated for Friday. The snowboarding streetstyle competition, 13 riders hitting features on Main St. in Breckenridge Village,  will cap off Saturday night before the Team Challenge on Sunday. Check back for updates over the course of the next few days and follow @snowboardermag/@snowboardervideo for constant updates.

Below is the rider and team list.

Snowboard Men Adaptive

Mike Shea
Keith Gabel
Mike Minor
Dustin Fleming
Owen Pick
Evan Strong
John Leslie
Alex Massie
Matti Suur-Hamari
Chris Vos
Zach Miller
Grim Narita
Mark Mann

Snowboard Women Adaptive

Bibian Mentel
Lisa Bunschoten
Nicole Roundy
Michelle Salt
Brenna Huckaby

Snowboard Men Slopestyle

Mark McMorris
Seb Toutant
Kyle Mack
Tyler Nicholson
Max Parrot
Torstein Horgmo
Darcy Sharpe
Mons Roisland
Red Gerard
Marcus Kleveland
Chas Guldemond
Brock Crouch
Brandon Davis
Eric Beauchemin
Eric Willett
Mikey Ciccarelli

Snowboard Men Streetstyle

Dylan Alito
Darcy Sharpe
Frank Bourgeois
Jaeger Bailey
Zak Hale
Antonin Chamberland
Chris Grenier
Nial Romanek
Seth Hill
Jesse Paul

Snowboard Women Slopestyle

Anna Gasser
Hailey Langland
Jamie Anderson
Klaudia Medlova
Silje Norendal
Spencer O'Brien
Katie Ormerod
Kjersti Buaas
Sina Candrian

Snowboard Men Team Competition

Team Captain: Terje Haakonsen
Jumps: Mark McMorris
Jibs: Darcy Sharpe

Team Captain: Jeremy Jones
Jumps: Marcus Kleveland
Jibs: Sebastien Toutant

Lib Tech
Team Captain: Mark Landvik
Jumps: Tyler Nicholson
Jibs: Ted Borland

Team Captain: Jake Welch
Jumps: Brandon Davis
Jibs: Reid Smith

Team Captain: Devun Walsh
Jumps: Torstein Horgmo
Jibs: Jordan Morse

Team Captain: Chris Grenier
Jumps: Hans Mindnich
Jibs: Jesse Paul