Everyone's favorite Kiwi, Nick Hyne has shelved his Dispatch regimen for the time being to relaunch his webisodic series "Diaries Down Under". While summer is in full swing in North America, south of the equator it is all about winter. Fittingly this first episode of 2011 seems tailored to our post 4th of July patriotic yearnings as it includes both fireworks and firearms. Joining Nick is Jye Kearney as Snowpark, NZ is explored both day and night. Looks like the production values have been stepped up as well for 2011 as remote control heli-cams and motion graphics combine to create a slick debut for the 2011 Diaries Down Under series. Also be on the lookout for new summer Hyne Site Dispatches from Nick when he finds time between filming.


Diaries Downunder: Episode 1

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