Hide your sisters, daughters, and moms, the Dragon team is on tour. Blake Paul, Spencer Schubert, Jordan Small, Tommy Gesme, Brady Lem, Alex Yoder, and Griffin Siebert are loose with a van, their snowboards, and very clear vision and are traveling through multiple states with stops at five resorts. Along the way, they’ll be doing the kind of snowboarding they do best and filming it, which means five epic edits that you can watch right here on SNOWBOARDER. This is the #WeAreFrameless Tour. Enjoy the crew’s first stop at Brighton, Utah and stay tuned next week for stop number two.

From Dragon:

The #WeAreFrameless Tour is all about making snowboarding your own. This past week the first stop of the tour kicked off with a bang at Brighton Resort. From parking lot BBQ’s to slashes in heavy snowfall. Brighton and the local shred community showed us a great time and then some. In the end there is nothing more satisfying than boarding with the homies; whatever that may entail. Follow the Dragon Team over the course of the next month as we rally from Utah all the way up to the tip of Washington. Five stops, five edits and a whole lot of good times along the way.