Every gold record must have a final serenade and following three major hits in Austria, Keystone, and Jackson Hole, The Mocha Boys ended the Dragon #WeAreFrameless World Tour with a crescendo stop at Mt. Bachelor, Oregon. When the crew arrived in town, the eighth annual Dirksen Derby was going on, with two hand-dug banked courses and a few hundred members of the tight-knit snowboarding community. A week of plentiful turns, a piles of fresh powder, and a plethora of park riding later and Forest Bailey, Blair Hebenicht, Alex Yoder, Blake Paul, Spencer Schubert, Tommy Gesme, Mark Wilson, Dillon Ojo, Jordan Small, Alex Lopes, and Gus Warbington have collaborated on an edit full of the kind of snowboarding that will make you want to go out and strap in immediately. Don’t fret, though, this is far from a swan song. There’s one more video dropping soon, a compilation “best of” the #WeAreFrameless World Tour with hammers from around the globe. Stay tuned for that, and keep this episode in heavy rotation until then.

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Jackson Hole