In Due Time: Ride Snowboards in Chile—Full Edit

This past summer, Jake Blauvelt and Hana Beaman headed to the Southern Hemisphere to explore the Andes with Chilean legends Christian Wehrhahn and Paulo Audisio. Christian and Paulo own and operate a sled outfit called Dos Tiempos, which translates to "Two Times." During their stay, they sledded, shredded, sent and stomped some of the most insane terrain we've ever seen with beautiful backdrops that towered above many mountain ranges in North America. "In Due Time" is a recap of the trip and a recollection of Time well spent in one of the most beautiful areas of the world.

Taking in the sights. p: T. Bird

Hana Beaman. p: T. Bird

Jake Blauvelt. p: T. Bird

Paulo Audisio on his home turf. p: T. Bird

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