Everyone starts somewhere. It takes a lot of ambition, willpower, and ingenuity to undertake a new endeavor. And despite the reputedly common instance of beginner’s luck, its hard to achieve elegance on the first try. Phil Hansen and Mike Swearingen are two very capable snowboarders who have a penchant for high-speed, deep snow, and heavy metal. To inaugurate 2016 as a year of personal expansion and development, the twosome are producing a new garageband-esque web series Duo of Deth that will document their fast-paced existences throughout a season. They acknowledge that their efforts might lack professionalism. However, episode one “Foreplay” suggests that even though the pair’s output might not be meticulously refined, it still manages to kick a good amount of ass.

Drone shots provided by Sam Tarbell with NW Aerial

Other footage provided by Phil Hansen, Mike Swearingen, Jay Hergert, and Adam Hohmeyer