An East Coast Weekend in Super 8

Toward the end of every season, snowboarders from all over tend to get together for fun, laid back events to kind of wind the season down and celebrate their communities. Our friend, Ian Boll of the Keep the Change crew sent us this edit he put together of super 8mm footage he filmed during a weekend on the East Coast that consisted of Eastern Boarder's Last Call and the Mike Baker Banked Slalom.  It's kind of a loose, behind-the-scenes look at the fun that was had by everyone. I caught up with Ian to pick his brain a little about it.

– John Cavan

First things first, how did your winter go? Can you give us a little run down on what you were up to this season?
This winter was a good one, minus a couple minor injuries. I spent most of it filming with the KTC crew around parts of the East Coast, which is always fun. And then obviously the Kazakhstan trip with Rome in February/March was amazing.

What kind of super 8 camera do you have?
Right now I have a Canon Autozoom 1014. But I’ve also been using my Arri S 16mm a bit; shit’s just heavy as hell and a bit more expensive.

How hard was it to learn how to use? Is there any footage that you messed up on?
Well, I’ve had different super 8 cameras for about twelve years now, but as you can tell from the blurry fisheye shots in the edit, the learning curve doesn’t really end–there’s always some room for error. It has helped that I grew up shooting with my 35mm photo camera, though.

As someone who is usually in front of the camera, how is it being behind the camera? How did you find yourself with the time to make this?
I enjoy filming just as much. It’s a different way of looking at snowboarding and its just something I’ve always done. As far as editing this, it might never have made it past the film reel if I wasn’t posted up on the couch healing my knee.

The east coast is such a tight community, can you describe the vibe of those few days around Last Call?
These types of events always bring everyone back together, so it’s a reunion of sorts–meaning everyone is just psyched to be there and that comes across so clearly. Whether it’s the people straightlining it into every feature, or the guys making every lap the best run, or the people just partying all night, there are really no dull moments.

You managed to capture a lot of cool behind the scenes stuff in there was that because you were riding, too…and how many rolls did you shoot on this?
I had no real intentions for an edit at the time, in fact, the only reason I shot the two rolls that I did was because I forgot all my film when I went to Kazakhstan, so I decided to shoot some of it on that weekend. And yeah, I was messing around a bit at Last Call and I did the banked slalom and took turns filming in between runs. I just enjoy people watching though, so I guess that comes across in the footage.

Tell us about that crazy-looking backyard bowl, what was up with that?
Word was that Brendan Rego’s house in Plymouth was hosting a big party and backyard snowboard jam, dubbed the “Kip Sanchez Invitational” after the Banked Slalom on Friday night. Rego and the Plymouth crew had been sculpting and adding to that thing for a week and it got pretty thrashed that night. I only had about ten seconds left on the roll, but highlights included Rego ripping handplants, Parker [Szumowski] jumping the fire pit, [Mike] Rav flipping around the bowl like a man on fire, and [Brendan] Gerard’s twenty-foot high roof drop into the three-foot icy tranny.

Where'd you come up with the idea for the music?
Well, I have always liked Spindrift, and although heavily used, I liked how that particular song, The Legend of God’s Gun, had a rhythm, from telling the story to the fast-paced drumming melody. The way I filmed most of those rolls was with quick, in-camera cuts, so I wanted something that would keep up with the footage. It’s also just funny to draw connections from the story of the track to this group of snowboarders.

What are you up to this summer?
Right now, I’m healing up from some torn cartilage and surgery on my knee. As soon as I’m set to skate and snowboard, I think ill head out to Oregon and catch the rest of the summer there.

Snowboarding by Mike Rav, Brendon Rego, Brendan Gerard, Ted Borland, Alex Andrews, T Bird, Tanner McCarty, Zach Normandin, Parker Szumowski, Kevin Court, Chris Carr, Travis Neuenhaus, Merrick Joyce, Dylan Dragotta, Trent Gelo, Scott McCurdy, Sam Hulbert and a bunch more.