Eastern Boarder’s Last Call—Highlights from The East Coast Psycho Comp at Loon Mountain

Eastern Boarder’s Last Call changes the game from “Go Big or Go Home” to just straight “GO HOME AND GO BIG.” Calling back East Coast riders to their roots for a weekend—as well as anyone willing to absolutely send it—EB once again put on a show at Loon before closing time (reportedly happening later this month). The annual fest of feats turned 19 or 20 this year, but let’s be real… this event has been of drinking age since it was born.

Is that a Red Bull Crashed Ice drop in? Looks like it. Hip sending riders to the moon? Check.

Seems like 2019 didn’t disappoint. An absolute monster for bragging rights in the snowboard community, enjoy some highlights filmed by our friend, Dan Callahan (@filmerd), from the latest Last Call at Loon.

Featuring Keegan Hosefros, Chas Guldemond, Zack Normandin and plenty more.

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