Eddie Wall and Peter Line: Peddiefiles Preview

Eddie Wall and Peter Line are making a movie. No we didn't stutter, that's right, a movie. And what better to call it than "Peddiefiles"? Starting in February, right here on SNOWBOARDERmag.com, you can catch exclusive Peddiefile edits every other Tuesday. We promise they won't have anything to do with little children, except maybe Tyler Flanagan or Trevor Jacobs. But while Peter and Eddie are still working out the kinks for their movie we thought we would show some of the random edits they have already come out with for Video Hyper Shred. Enjoy.

Couple laps through the Forest Trail Park in Mammoth…

"We were mainly hitting huge jumps today, but only ended up filming the powder slashes!"

Peter Line's "Trick Tip"