Efforts: A Love Story – The Last Street Video Ever From Flannel Lifestyles

Even with a dryer than average winter in Michigan, the Flannel Lifestyles crew set out to complete their street video anthology. This one showcases their beloved home state and the massive community of riders within it.

Featuring Tye Kowalski, Dusty Miller, Tyler May, Adam Rottschafer, Jack Harris, Adam Homi, Jackie Lammert, Lucas Patrick, Evan Erickson, Avery Erickson, Matt Miller, Trevor Newman, Sam Kelty, Jack Tobin, Bret Guild, Jake Devries, Brett Kulas, Sam Schowalter, Matt Ruhle, Aaron Senchuck, Ryan Piscotta, Brandon Vandyke, Brad Miller, and Cody Hyman.

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