“What the fuck are we doing here, I mean what’s the point of all this shit?”

It’s undeniable that choosing a line in life that involves as man toeside and heelside turns as possible is driven by a hard-to-describe feeling, rooted somewhere in the gut of our ethos. And while the exact nature of the reasons we enjoy standing looking sideways at what lies in front of us is individual, it’s a shared drive, feeling, and essence. Something that unites those of us that spend the better part of our time and our money hunting down groomers, powder, hardpack, and everything in between. As much as we can all agree that this is true, actually defining this is incredibly challenging and often attempts to do so fall flat. Which is further why Jerome Tanon’s eloquent short movie, The Eternal Beauty of Snowboarding is just so perfect.

Jerome is a talented French photog who has spent the past ten years traveling the globe with some of the most accomplished pro snowboarders in existence, documenting their tricks, bails, happiness, frustration, celebration and down days on film. For the past three years, he recorded everything he shot photos of (and then some) with a small handicam strapped to his existing still camera. In this forty-five minute movie, Jerome illuminates the passion found in everyone who has taken the path less traveled to point their nose down the fall line and leave lines in the snow. In Eternal Beauty, Jerome’s sarcasm is truth and the moments he describes, regardless if they take place in the streets of Japan or the steeps of Switzerland, resonate across boarders to any incline coated in snow. Thanks, Jerome.