This summer, Ethan Morgan travelled through time and space to the land Down Under, where plentiful snowfall blanketed Southern Hemisphere park epicenters Thredbo and Perisher. The prolific park shredder met up with Torgeir Bergrem, Sage Kotnsenburg, Sebbe De Buck, Len Jorgensen and Alek Oestreng and weaved in and out of the gum trees stacking spins and massacring metal. You’ve watched the first episode of Ethan’s Intergalactic Park Edits, when he decimated Dachstein in Austria–now enjoy this crew, who represent some of the most able snowboarders in the galaxy, as they spend the end of summer fully preparing for the winter ahead via plentiful park laps.

The official communication:

Episode II of the travels through space for Ethan Morgan’s intergalactic snowventures.

This masterpiece filmed and edited by the one and only master Marco Morandi, it was. Other young padawans training under Master Morandi’s wing are Torgeir Bergrem, Sage Kotsenburg, Sebbe De Buck, Len Jorgensen and Alek Oestreng, fighting on the southern hemispheric galaxy in conditions like no other. The Battles took place in mystic Thredbo Resorts and the training facility was on holy Mt. Perisher.