An insane season caught on camera, set to an eclectic mix of music, coupled with an even more wide-ranging talent pool of friends, Iikka Backstrom and Curtis Ciszek took their latest project, #FarmToTable, straight out of the backcountry to force feed it to the snowboarding masses for our own good. Filming clips this past season and posting them straight to Instagram in real time, we all watched and waited for the hashtag to populate as Iikka and Curtis used their phones and a GH5 to film each other across the Northwest for a movie that we didn’t know was coming. Not always getting the shot themselves, they teamed up with Austin Smith, Jared Elston, Bryan Fox, Tyler Orton, Ben Ferguson, Jake Price, Devun Walsh, Mark McMorris, Blake Paul, and more to take the project from Instagram to debut it on the big screen. That day has come. And by the big screen, we mean the homepage of Enjoy

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