Last winter backcountry heroines¬†Claudia Avon and Taylor Godber endeavored to document a behind-the-scenes web series of what mixture of grit, tenacity, planning, and good fortune it takes to have a successful season schussing big mountains. They christened their project¬†Fingers Crossed—an expedition to the backcountry, no matter how mellow, always incorporates a degree of peril, and a little extra luck can never hurt. In episode one Claudia and Taylor are hit with the brutality of a low snow year in Whistler, a region they specifically chose as their home base because of its consistently lavish precip. After being met with foul conditions in the mountains, the girls don their thickest wet suits, dust off the surf boards, and catch some proper wave action in the nearby Tofino.

Filmed by Bruce Johnston, Benjamin Webb, Jan Schuster, Ryan Kenny, David Vladyka, Aaron Maksymec, Brad Sarauer, The Bus Life Crew, Vanessa Chan, and Brian Hockenstein.
Edited by Ryan Kenny.