We’re not worthy! We’re not worthy! The last episode from the Flux Bindings ReNamed series pays tribute to the year that gave us Wayne’s World, Reservoir Dogs, and The Mighty Ducks. A little Mack Dawg movie came out that year as well called The Hard, The Hungry, and The Homeless. It is a heavy canon to call upon, but Back To Squaw Valley 1992 is a heavy edit. Staying true to it’s roots, the last episode features a hungry crew from the Flux team devouring a mountain through slashes, jibs, and jumps. Flux truly flies together. So sit back, turn on “Bohemian Rhapsody” and start head banging, because this is another 92′ classic that you will want to play over and over.
From Flux: 
Flux Bindings takes you on a journey "Back To The Future" with a modern look back to the glory days of snowboarding in "Back To Squaw Valley 1992" – the final episode of the Flux ReNamed video series featuring riders; Ian Sams, Shaun Murphy, Tyler Lynch, Justus Hines, Ryan Tarbell, Erik Leon, Nick Visconti, Alex Hereford, Chris Rasman and Lenny Mazzotti.