As Jack Mitrani, Danny Davis and the rest of the Frends crew get ready for this year’s installment of the Frendly Gathering music festival at Timber Ridge in Vermont, they have partnered with Skype to provide a webisode that goes behind the scenes of preparing for this homegrown, largescale music festival. The first episode of Following Frendly, entitled Frendly History succinctly details the background on this event, which started as a way for the Frends friends to hang out together and has blossomed into a 4,000+ person experience in Southern Vermont.

From Frends:

The series kicks off with some background as to how the Frendly Gathering came to be, when the Frendly Crew —  a group of pro snowboarders that wanted to celebrate frendship and camaraderie — created a gathering of frends in 2010 of camping with a couple of favorite bands joining in for the weekend. In five short years, the Festival has grown to a 30-band lineup featuring national acts, a full weekend of activities, on-site camping and thousands of concert-goers who travel from across the World to attend. With just four weeks away until the Frendly Gathering, held in Windham, Vermont, the pressure mounts while the two balance the life of an event planner with the responsibilities of their snowboard sponsors and TV appearances.