Frank April Pro Model Arbor Westmark and Hemlock Now Available

Hailing from Quebec, Canada, Frank April is known as one of the most influential jibbers and biggest personalities in snowboarding…and as of this week, a soon-to-be father! Congrats Frank! Frank has been riding for the Arbor Snowboards program for a few years now, and they've rewarded him for his hard work and hammer video parts by collaborating on a special release version of their award winning Westmark snowboard and Hemlock binding. The Frank April Edt Westmark and Hemlock are designed for Frank's style of riding massive street features and creative jibs. The board features all-new "Flip Tips" to keep you from hanging up on nollies and fakie ollies, and both products are wrapped up in a graphic that celebrates Frank's affinity for modifying street spots with his portable tool kit.

For more information on the Frank April Westmark, visit here!

For more information on the Frank April Hemlock, visit here!

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