Fresh and Tracked: Derrek Lever

Derrek Lever is a snowboarder's snowboarder. He grew up in Washington, just outside of Seattle and earned his first board sponsor by winning a local rail jam. He scrubbed dishes in summer camp kitchens in order to keep riding year-round. He has logged hours on highways, shared hotel rooms with too many people, and steadily risen through the ranks, earning coveted spots on film crews where he has delivered in spades, every single time. Derrek possesses a raw talent that seeps out of his pores, his riding simultaneously loose and precise, a combination that makes his preferred tricks on gnarly, technical features look almost effortless. It's this style, along with his affable personality that have made this Northwest native a rider's favorite rider. His video parts, first with Keep the Change, then with Videograss, and most recently in projects from Ride and adidas have served to reinforce both his natural talent and his plethora of style, as well as of a unique duality to not take himself too seriously while stepping to some serious stuff. Because of all this, we thought Derrek would be a perfect person to let us know what he thinks is fresh and what is most definitely tracked. – Mary Walsh

p: T. Bird


One-day old skateboard – After one good session, it always seems like a skateboard comes into its own.

Surfing – Really nice to add a board activity to my life that doesn’t constantly fuck my body up.

Jake Moore – I’m writing this right after watching the 1817 vid. I’m just so hyped on his boarding.

Life – Even in this time of some worldly turmoil, I think we can all sit back and just think how fucking lucky we are to be alive. How lucky we are to even have the complaints that we all harbor. Life is good. Pretty, pretty, pretty good.

CBD oils – Adios, ibuprofen.

Support – We all need it and I’m so grateful to have it.


Winches – You know why.

Wet Boots – Duh.

Turn “Joe” Pro – Just stop it. You really think the people running these companies can’t figure it out? Let your homie work hard and humbly get there.

Flips on or out of rails – To each their own and any way you’re having fun on a snowboard is fine by me, but as for my opinion, I can’t stand watching the shit. If that’s the “trick” for the spot, you’re at the wrong spot.

Scooters at the skatepark – Ahhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!

Headphones on the chairlift – You fuckin kidding me? Don’t leave me hanging up there.