From Facebook To Fame: Jaeger Bailey

The other day this kid Jaegar Bailey sent me the edit above accompanied with this e-mail:

“hi my name is jaeger bailey, i live north of spokane in washington. i love shredding and im 17 yrs old and i ride flow for Bataleon. i know you guys dont really put up peoples full parts and i completely understand, but if you would please just scope mine, i know you wouldnt regret it. i just wannna get my name heard before i work all summer at HCSC in the K-unit. please check it out and decide if it would ever be worthy. thank you!”

So I did a quick skim through and because of the poor image quality I threw it up on our SNOWBOARDER Mag Facebook page. After noticing comments like, “he might be a prodigy” and “Uhhh future? That made me feel like anything is possible! Almost made me wanna cry!”. I decided I needed to watch the edit in it’s entirety. Not only does his name sound like a questionable alcoholic beverage, but the kid is entertaining to watch snowboard. It was only fair to promote him from our Facebook page to our website. And for future reference Jager, capitalize the first letter of your sentences… it will earn you brownie points. – Laura Austin