Gabe Ferguson and Sage Kotsenburg Join K2 Snowboarding

Let’s be honest… we have seen Gabe on a K2 for a season or two now, so this announcement was pretty inevitable. You can’t keep a talented guy like that in the wake for too long before giving him a rope and seeing what he can do. Did we just make a wakeboarding reference on a snowboarding site? You bet your ass we did. With the Antarctic currently hovering around 70°f, we are all just a few years from it anyway. But in all seriousness… CONGRATS GABE! We can’t wait to see what he does mixed in with the veterans and newcomers on K2.

Photo Credit: @jerm_worldwide

And speaking of newcomers… SAGE KOTSENBURG IS ALSO NOW ON K2? Big. Huge. Our current reigning Rider of the Year has a trusty new steed. What happened to his board company, Anthem? Who cares. There will probably be a tell all ten years down the line, but for now, we can all revel in the fact that we could see these two added into the fold of the recent short-yet-high-end edits dropping with the Seamus Foster directorial stamp of approval on the K2 youtube. Big moves for a team already toting Jake Kuzyk, Pat Moore, Curtis Ciszek, Parker Szumowksi, Kennedi Deck, Jody, and plenty more. Keep an eye out for more from these two who have seemed to be spending a lot of time together filming this past month according to social media.

Sage Kotsenburg
Photo Credit: @jerm_worldwide


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