The exclusive 48-hour online premiere of Garrett Warnick’s full part from SNOWBOARDER Magazine’s latest movie, Pepper is over, but you can still check out the full movie below.

Order the full movie on iTunes here!

Originally working with SNOWBOARDER in Foreword, Worm found himself yet again mixed in with the magazine movie family when he got the invite to Pepper last fall. Since the moment he signed on his hard work and optimistic attitude infected the whole crew, to the point were Director Jon Stark even made shirts donning the words “Worm Is My Spirit Animal” that the riders still wear. Filming both in the streets and backcountry, it is easy to see why the crew rallied behind a rider striving to be so complete. The end result is above, and after watching it all we can say is… we wish Stark made more of those shirts.

Pepper is a unique and poignant look at a winter full of shovels, sleds, sends and stomps, from Utah and beyond. Check out the online leak and keep a lookout for the rest of the parts from Bode Merrill, Mikey Rencz, Nils Mindnich, Ozzy Henning, Ted Borland, and Justin Keniston dropping soon!

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