Snowboarding has reached a revolution in which the long-held principle of go-bigger is being usurped by a more grounded, go-faster and get-looser mindset. These turn-based tenets have been attracting many followers in the past few years, taking the course of snowboarding in a more directional direction. Snowboard courses themselves are changing, too—berms and whalebacks are once again becoming staple features at any successful venue, dashing to pieces the trite three-jump repertoire. The Gentemstick crew are devout champions of this high-speed and surfy ethical code, a fact that they displayed last March at Alt Bandai’s 2015 Bowl and Banks, an event that will serve as one of the archetypes upon which future snowboarding events will be based. Here’s the video from the event last spring, where hundreds gathered to ricochet down the dizzying, snaking, and superlatively winding course of white-waved perfection.