The field of Russian riding is heavily eclipsed by Iouri Podladtchikov and Denis Leontyev, two superstars who have definitely earned their eminence. But, on every hill, lapping through the parks are the locals, the hometown heroes who have been holding down their resorts for years. Last year we saw riders of every nationality hit the slopes at Sochi, showcasing the full spectrum of snowboarders from across the world. The Bonus Sessions recently went down at last year’s Olympic venue, where the park is still rad, and the slopes are still seething with talent. The Bonus Sessions provided a progressive park pervaded with a get-loose and go-big mindset, serving as a platform for Sochi’s own, local shredders to demonstrate what they can do on a snowboard. Full of heavy tricks, diverse style, and ballsy moves, these boys show just how capable Russia is of producing some top-level riders.

Featuring Timofey Strukov, Lebedev Aleksey, Aleksey Kasimov, Danil Melnikov, Egor Chebanov, Edmond LA, Pavel Komers, Vlad Makagonov, Egor Mamaev, Aleksandr Moiseev, Artem Smolin and Mikhail Potemkin.