Jed “Mr. Twilight” Sky takes the opener, Drayden Gardner brings up the caboose, and East to West Films is off with their second snowboard movie, Great Obsession. Two heavy parts were released in anticipation of the full Great Obsession, and the full thing does not disappoint. Featuring Jed Sky, Tim Bouvette, Drayden Gardner, Simon Martel, Julien Emch, Igor Wandfluh and friends shredding throughout Canada, The United States, Switzerland, Finland and Sweden… this is not an international affair that you want to miss. Tim Bouvette directed and turned Great Obsession into a great movie. He sat down with us over email for a quick chat.

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Where did the idea and funding come from? 
I was riding the streets of Quebec with my local friends in Trois-Rivières and after a couple years, a lot of them had to stop because they went to a university or got a job.  My first goal was to make one video part a year for myself, but you need a crew to make a street part… it’s team work. So I started talk about a film project to a lot of riders with the same vision that I have. Then I decided to study cinematography in Montreal to have a better quality of snowboard movie. Being a rider and a filmer… it pretty easy to find riders. I feel good to have given the opportunity to guys like Drayden Gardner and Jed Sky to have a street part… and I needed them at the same time to make my video part, so I’m super thankful that they jumped onboard for the project. My local boardshop in Quebec helped me a lot to get contacts go ride for snowboard companies at the beginning.

Camera Equipment used?
Sony as7 with atomos shogun, Fs7 and more..
Better than your first film? 
We are for sure more stoked on this one.
Why did you want to start directing your films?
Like I said in the first answer, I don’t see this snowboard movie like a business… I give the opportunities to riders to have a video part and I need them to help make mine. Because of snowboarding, I’ve developed a passion for cinematography. I feel so lucky to been able to arrive to a new city, choose my street spot, the tricks I want to do and the film angle I want for my tricks. It’s a full creation, it makes me appreciate snowboarding and we have a really good spirit between the riders in the group.
Funniest international travel story?
Which one I should choose haha… so many… Last January, we arrived in Helsinki, Finland, in the middle of the night. We booked a hotel online from the airport, when we arrived at the hotel, the girl in the lobby told us to go park the car at the indoor parking lot two blocks farther. We arrive in front of the door at the parking garage, clicked the button to open it and go inside, 4 meters right after the first door, there was another door, the first door behind us closed and we were stuck between those two doors for an hour with the car… Drayden Gardner started freaking because we didn’t stop the car and he was scared that the exhaust of the car could kill us…(it was -20 or -30 Fahrenheit, so no heater and our bags were already in the hotel with our warm gear) haha so finally we see an old man walking on the street through the window, we got his attention and he came to help us, after having a lot of trouble with communication… He got the door open and we finally got out. Drayden was filming with is old camera at this moment, we still have the footage it’s pretty funny.