Gremlinz: Westside Becomes Wetside

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Looks like the Westside Gremlinz have been creeping back inbounds more and more as the snow in Socal has become less and less. Though still within sight of the parking lot this edit is entirely shot onslope. They are calling it Mini Bar Madness which reminds us of a trick we learned to handle the high prices associated with hotel mini bars. All it takes is some planning in advance. First go to a package store and pick up a beer can, beer bottle, or 50 ml of liquor or liqueur. Hell, why not pick up all of these. Then drink ’em. Once imbibed fill the empty’s with the appropriate amount of liquid. Then grab a fresh one from the mini bar and replace with the watered down variety. Most mini bars are weight sensitive so replacing the grabbed contents with the newly weighted ones should do the trick until you and yours have skipped town.