Enjoy the 35th Burton US Open live stream from Red Bull TV! The last day of competition in Vail, Colorado features the marquee event, men and women’s halfpipe finals! Will Scotty James, Chloe Kim, Shaun White, Elena Hight, Maddie Mastro, or one of the other eleven riders sit on top of the podium at the end of the day?


Women’s halfpipe finals – 11:10am

Men’s halfpipe finals – 2pm

Rider List:
1. Chloe Kim
2. Maddie Mastro
3. Kelly Clark
4. Haruna Matsumoto
5. Elena Hight
6. Sena Tomita

1. Scotty James
2. Shaun White
3. Ayumu Hirano
4. Pat Burgener
5. Raibu Katayama
6. Jake Pates
7. Iouri Podladtchikov
8. David Habluetzel
9. Chase Josey
10. Danny Davis