Some call him the king of crustaceans, others refer to him as the regal rewinder… whatever you call him, his full part just dropped. Halldór Helgason’s part from Dayumm!, filmed and edited by Joe Carlino, is now online!

A savant of the street and master of backcountry jumps, Halldór Helgason made waves earlier in the season when he released the full Dayumm! movie with Sage Kotsenburg. But did everyone know that snowboarding wasn’t the only pool he made waves in? Halldór was once an in-demand model. If you don’t believe us… believe Wikipedia.Halldor Helgason Full PartAs far as credibility, if he is 1/8 as good at modeling as he is snowboarding, he would still top Fabio. But we will leave that debate for later. For now, enjoy Halldór Helgason’s full part from Dayumm!