Heated Discussions With Peter Line: Louie Vito

What can you say about the alpine iconoclast that is the Peter Line? Well, he formed the Forum 8, founded Foursquare, invented the backside rodeo, met Bjork after being knocked out at the Air & Style, had a pro model with a Rainbow on it, was a featured rider in The Garden and has let us revel in his Colon for over a decade, amongst other trailblazing achievements. Now another milestone can be added to the legendary list: interviewer.

Conducted over an afternoon at the X Games, Heated Discussions with Peter Line is one legend’s quirky take on the sit-down interview. First up is a few minutes between Peter and Louie Vito, where Line establishes his impressive resume of X Games medals, discusses Dancing with the Stars, and whether or not Louie has ever appeared on the cover of a newspaper. On a side note, when Peter says “fireside chat” he means to say Heated Discussion. Stay tuned every Monday and Wednesday for new episodes.