There are few things better than warm weather pipe riding, and all summer long, the halfpipe on the snowfield at Mt. Hood is in prime spring-style condition. In mid-July, The SNOWBOARDER Movie: Resolution crew met up in Government Camp for some summer shooting, part editing, and in between hard work, enjoyed a sunny day of pilfering the transitions of the Timberline halfpipe. There are few opportunities for a crew of this caliber to come together in one session: Danny Davis, Terje Haakonsen, Jake Blauvelt, Ben Ferguson, and Scott Blum, all dropping in alongside one another and effortlessly planting, tweaking and spinning. Halfpipe heroes, downright legends, the people’s champion, rising stars who rise above the coping, snowboarding’s definitive handplant master, and a backcountry king. The combined style of these five snowboarders is downright mental. The above video, a taste of what went down while the crew was in Oregon, is one that requires multiple viewings, a task made easy both by the melodic riding put down by Terje, Jake, Ben, Danny and Blum, as well as the masterful, summery editing of Resolution lensman, Kyle Schwartz.


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