A quick break from your regular scheduled programing. First, Reid Smith seems to be terrorizing High Cascade on his board and we at SNOWBOARDER fully support it! Second, a big shout out to Miles Fallon! Hope the leg heals up quick and the cast isn’t too itchy!

Now back to your regular programing…

Sunbeams for the whole team! Session Two of High Cascade Snowboard Camp was complimented by a one-two punch from both Mount Hood & Mother Nature. The snowpack was high and the sunshine was hot! This made for soft snow and a slushy invitation to our campers, guests, & Signature Session™ Pros Ben Ferguson and Hana Beaman. Session Two came with two rules: catch sky and avoid getting sunscreen in your eyes! A big ol' thanks goes out to our #HCSCdiggers who whipped up one private park to perfection! Good times, sunshine, and high fives were flowing from the volcano hot lava that had timber tigers reminiscent of times many moons ago. Feast your eyes on this feature featuring: Reid Smith, Mark Wilson, Max Warbington, Jordan Morse, Gabe Ferguson, Ben Ferguson, Jed Sky, Dru Brownrigg, River Richer, Vinny, Dusty Miller, Brendon Rego, Al Grogan, Rob Roethler, Mike McDaniel, Nate Carroll, Nick Erickson, Pat Fava, Oliver Dixon, and Luke Winkelmann.

Filmed by Jake Howell, Brent McCarron, Zak Peterson, Miles Perreault, Colton Feldman, and Tyler Orton.

Edited by Jake Howell with recap written by Brendon Rego.
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