The History of Mervin – Surf, Skate, and Snow

From the first skate and surfboard, to their long history within our culture (and every Jamie Lynn pro model in-between), sit down with Pete Saari as he takes you through some of the innovations and advances of the Mervin Made Brand. More from Mervin here!


“We’ve been building boards and innovating technology for thirty plus years! In the early ’80s we introduced finless deep side cut Gnu snowboards that worked on groomer and hard pack, helping pave our acceptance to ski areas. In the early ’90s it was torsion box cap construction and tip to tail skeletons on the all new Lib Tech brand. In 2004 engineer Steven Cobb had the baked inspiration for MagneTraction, then shortly thereafte put our banana’s between our legs with revolutionary reverse cambers that swept across the snow sports industry. And in 2012 Mike Olson unveiled his life long project of creating a super durable surfboard using eco friendly materials. EcoIso was born.” – Mervin

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