Wow. Jake Durham does it again. Craig Cameron, Jake Moore, Tommy Gesme, Mark Wilson, Danimals, Derrek Lever, Dillon Ojo, Justin Fronius, Joe Sexton, Jacob Krugmire, Max Tokunaga, Boody, Jonas Michilot, and more were home for the holidays and spent their free time at Hyland. If you haven’t check out the edit yet, head on over to snoozegloblal  and hit them with a follow for a few extra photos . Huge congrats to Derrek going pro this week for Ride as well (interview to come)!

The Minnesota snowboard scene starts scratching the surface mid October and is fully bleeding in November. Local crews come out of hiding and foreign friends join. Whether it’s from a harsh job, relationship, or lack of social life, they all show up. These degenerates are in the back corner of the parking lot. Summer stories are told around a pit of boards, roaches, and dented beer cans. Lap after lap is taken on hill. Shouting, laughing, yelling. The park sounds like a grade school playground. Sometimes skateboarding or bowling fits into the loose itinerary. Night life happens. Midnight pizza is feasted. Cigarettes are gone. After you know it you’re hungover at your family thanksgiving dinner with Dillon Ojo & Andy Pearson and December rent is about to hit you in the face. The temperatures are dropping, everyone’s blood has thickened, and Stellik has given your friends days of Hyland passes. But this is just the beginning. – Jake Durham

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