The Grab:
Both hands grab the nose of the board with arms crisscrossed.

The Tweak:
On a skateboard, both feet are moved to the tail of the board. Since snowboarders feet are attached, this look is mimicked by quarter-rotating the body to face forward, and then the nose is pulled towards the riders chest.

Performed By: Austin Smith

The History:
While Christian Hosoi invented the Rocket Air (see Rocket Air), early snowboarders are credited with mutating this trick into the cross-handed version, with a high likelihood that Damien Sanders was the first to start doing this. During the first era of freestyle progression, in which riders tirelessly explored new ways of groping their boards mid-air, crossing ones arms during an established trick was considered a technical breakthrough. The cross rocket has stood the test of time working its way into big air contests as a way to spice up big spins.


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