The Grab:
Both hands grab the nose of your board at the same time.

The Tweak:
The rear leg is boned downwards, and the front leg is bent so that the tip of the board can be pulled up towards the riders chest.

Performed By: Jared Elston

The History:
The Rocket Air was invented by Christian Hosoi in the mid to late 80s while skating the at Kahuna ramp in Texas. Hosoi blasted these overhead airs on vert ramps, moving both feet to the tail (facing forward) while simultaneously grabbing the sides of the nose of his board with both hands. This gave his body position the interpretive form of a rocket. Illustrations of Hosois iconic Rocket Air began appearing on everything from t-shirts to stickers, and led to the naming of his pro model OJ Rocket wheels and his Hosoi Skateboards hammerhead shaped Rocket Air and Mini Rocket Air boards. Snowboardings adaptation of the Rocket Air came early, where Sorel boots, primitive bindings, and extra long nose lengths made this grab very accessible. Fixed foot locations due to bindings have always precluded snowboarders from accurately mimicking Hosois original Rocket Airs, leaving the winter version a fun, yet deformed plagiarism.


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