The Grab:
Front hand reaches through the legs and grabs the heel edge between the bindings.

The Tweak:
The typical tweak for a Stelmasky is to bone out the front leg.

Performed By: Max Warbington

The History:
Not an extremely popular trick throughout the years, the Stelmasky is a grab where most people who do them dont even know their name (let alone their origin story). This grab dates back to the 80s and is credited to skateboarder Mike Stelmasky who would grab here mid handplant at the historic Del Mar Skate Ranch, thus inventing the Stelmasky Plant. Over the years riders who have heard the correct name later miscall this grab a stale-masky, possibly pulling the word stale from a stalefish grab. For those who cant remember Stelmasky, Todd Richards offered up a solid alternative name of beef mellington, combining the melon grab location with the roast beef grab through the legs approach.


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