The Grab:
Rear hand grabs the toe edge between the bindings.

The Tweak:
Grab is pulled straight upwards towards the crotch, feet are pushed straight down, and knees are both bowed outwards.

Performed By: Spencer Schubert

The History:
This grab originated in skateboarding, where the term stink bug was coined as a descriptive critique of this grabs questionable style. The skaters butt gets stuck straight out, and thus the comparison to halyomorpha halys, the common stink bug. Proving that whatever he touches turns to gold, one rare instance in which the stink bug was made to look cool came from Jeff Brushie during the winter of 93-94. Riding his now iconic graffiti base pro model, images surfaced from Snow Summit of Brushie blasting stink bugs in the pipe, wearing shades and a tee shirt. Now almost exclusively done as a joke, Spencer Schubert is a modern master of the stink bug.


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