The Grab:
Rear hand grabs one tip of the swallow tail, releases, then grabs the other swallow tail tip.

The Tweak:
Best if nose is boned out in separate directions for each tail tip grab.

Performed By: Austin Smith

The History:
Austin Smith essentially made this up during the filming for the second release of the Crab Grab x TWSNOW Grab Directory. Austin was (for some unknown reason) riding a 173 cm pow board mid July at Mt. Hood, and came up with this grab combo. The original footage was unfortunately lost when Grab Directory filmer/editor Pat Fenelons truck was broken into in Portland. The thief stole his computer, hard drives, RED camera, and along with it 20 freshly filmed grabs for what would have been the second release of this grab directory. Any information leading to the return of this lost footage would be met with a handsome reward.


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