Human On Board 2017: Ep. 4, Vol. 3 : Project Timeline

Bizarre steel and snow set-ups!

From Trollhaugen:

The Summit Project is Troll’s yearly experiment in evolving snow transition. The Projects are a series of amazing days of snowboarding designed by Krush & Snowboy Productions featuring bizarre steel & snow set-ups with old and new friends. The Troll Project was a mash-up of the Projects & Troll Park Crew on Trollhaugen’s Summit Project. This is the Human On Board perspective, with some sick Valhalla hammers as icing on an amazing cake. Presenting Human On Board, Ep 4: Project Timeline. The humans came in on time, and under budget. Skol!

Riders: Mike Skiba, Kyle Kennedy, Logan Herber, Jake Antisdale, Keegan Tank, Sam Bakken, Jeffy Gabrick, Sam Schiltgen, Finn Westbury, Blake Geis, Kevin Gillespie, Adam Kaye, Tony Wagner, Garret Mckenzie, Emit Salokar, and Peter Limberg.

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