Human On Board 2017: Ep. 5, Vol. 3 – Deadline Flexible

From Trollhaugen:

The end of the season was a mellow close, with warm temps playing their cruel game. It looked as though there wouldn’t be any more humans on boards for Human On Board this year. Then, Troll filmer/slicer Park Crew’s Robbie Weides released some held-back content from the last weeks to give us hope for a hopping season of HOB next year. Thanks dude.

Riders: Garrett McKenzie, Nick Irwin, LukeZajac, Zack Zajac, Mike Skiba, Keegan Tank, Grady Tank, Kyle Kennedy, Mike Liddle, Kevin Gilespie, Jake Aldridge, Nick Neeson, Sam Schiltgen, Adam Kaye, Dre (Andre Wilson), Logan Herber, Emit Salokar, Benny Milam, Jared McDaniel, Tony Wagner, Drew Poganski, Gabe Walstrom, Matt Mello, Boody, and Blake Geis.

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