No Gimbal Necessary—The HyperSmooth GoPro Hero7 Black with Sage Kotsenburg

The importance of the GoPro in the democratization of media can't be understated. Over the past decade the ubiquitous presence of POV clips within the social feed, almost exclusively the byproduct of GoPro proliferation, has been boundless in its ability to spawn vicarious envy among the frothy masses. Yet most of these top tier "wish you were here" clips, like those routinely posted by Sage Kotsenburg and his ilk, haven't always been created with simple off-the-shelf units.

Sage going GoPro. p: T. Bird

Waterproof down to 33 ft., we could only wish to see that much snow at once. p: T. Bird

Although usually captured by a consumer grade GoPro, more often than not these videos were produced using hand-held gimbal stabilizer like GoPro’s Karma Grip or others from manufacturers like Evo, DJI, Feiyu. With the recent release of the GoPro HERO7 Black and its proprietary in-camera HyperSmooth image stabilization technology, weekend warriors are now one giant step closer to achieving that same, silky smooth, action footage as their idols. The key to this feature can be found within the HERO7's GP1 processor, which is programed to proactively correct any jerky movement inherent to the motion of riding a snowboard. The result is an all-in-one package that can satisfy the needs of first-time users and experienced pros alike.

With just the sound of your voice, take a photo or have the GoPro complete 15 other demands. p: T. Bird

Some of the advantages HyperSmooth has over a gimbal are obvious: It's significantly cheaper, and way more convenient. But some might argue that GoPro's made a technological improvement over the gimbal as well, since those bulky accessories are often prone to glitching out while trying to manipulate physics and control the mechanics of a calibrated counter-balancing unit.

You can even stream live now, which could be a good or bad thing depending on the landing. p: T. Bird

HyperSmooth also improves the HERO7 Black's time lapse function, now called TimeWarp. By incorporating stabilization technology, most of the jumpy transitions that happen while shooting time lapses on the move are smoothed out.

Finally, if you want to let your friends see you attempt a 1080 triple cork in real time then the HERO7 Black's live streaming functionality will help guarantee that all three revolutions will be televised. While we can't speak to how you'll land said 1080, with the HERO7 Black at least the clip will be smooth.

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