Intense Mini-Shred—Sensesse’s All-Female Street Crew in Norway

The first project from Sensesse, “Intense Mini-Shred” is a short snowboard street movie filmed, edited and animated by girls living in Oslo, Norway.
Alot of firsts, it is Benedikte Eide, Frida Brunvoll, Stine Tønnessen, Alva Knudsen Sæterdal and Anna Eknes Stagrum first season in the streets as well. Give it a watch above.

Featuring Alva Knudsen Sæterdal, Stine Tønnessen, Frida Brunvoll, Maria Hilde, and Anna Eknes Stagrum.

Filmed by Benedikte Eide. Edited by Maria Hilde and Benedikte Eide.

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