The warmer months are taking hold on a majority of the country and it has us thinking about all of the past season’s edits that really stood out. Edits that were talked about at every competition and gathering of riders from the day they were uploaded. This list by no means captures all of them, but these are a few that are definitely worth a second watch! Enjoy!

adidas Snowboarding presents 3am

Alex Sherman, Derrek Lever, Tommy Gesme, Ben Bilodeau and Craig Cameron’s efforts to earn their stripes paid off in the form of a short film that is loaded with a barrage of impressive tricks worthy of a group of riders making their way up the ranks of the initiated. Read: the style is as easy as the riding is heavy. Presenting adidas Snowboarding’s 3AM, featuring the adidas am team along with cameos from their three-striped brethren like Louis-Felix Paradis.

House of Dan: Danny Davis Shreds Backyard In Truckee, California

A literal home run. Building side hits, hips, jumps, burms, and more throughout his yard, Danny took a break from his busy contest schedule to make a quick edit with long time friend and filmer, Scott Barber. We wish more people would landscape like these two.

Yawgoons 19 – Yawgoons, Scott Stevens, And The 100 Foot Tube

You can’t talke internet edits without the likes of the Yawgoons. With a little help from Scott Stevens in this one, Yawgoons 19 delivers what has become par for the course from the internet breaking Yawgoo Valley edits. Get inspired and enjoy snowboarding with the the big hogs of Dylan Gamache, Marcus Rand, Brian Skorupski, Scott Stevens, Dan Liedahl, Mike Ravelson, Cole Navin, and Friedl Kolar.

Side Hits Euphoria – Arthur Longo

We always have known that Arthur Longo goes huge, but this is just insane. He takes attainable snowboarding and then pushes it out of the reach of most with style and control. Hands down one of the funnest edits dropped in 2017, Longo’s Side Hits Euphoria should strike a chord with anyone that straps in. Filmed by Olivier Gittler around Montgenevre and Serre Chevalier in France, Sestriere in Italy, and Mt. Bachelor, Oregon!

Glue by Christian Haller

Sit back and take a ride with Christian Haller’s film ‘Glue’. The soundtrack could be found at a number of classy soirees, while the riding is a rare form of style perfected from years of taking laps. Flowing lines on Super 8mm throughout the twenty minute video reminds us all what is it like to be in the drivers seat of your own destiny.

Big Woody and The Boys – Full Movie by Nitro and Poler

There are no bears in the backcountry film but the carves are just as deadly. Bails are accompanied by jazz music, while natural sounds break through for one of the most poignant audio experiences that we have heard in awhile from a snowboarding film. Accompanied by what is going on on-screen, Nitro and Poler really outdid themselves. Big Woody and The Boys may be short, but if Leonardo DiCaprio won an Oscar for his time spent filming in Alberta, Bryan Fox and company should get some recognition for this one.

The United Slopes of America: Mt. Bachelor

Desiree Melancon, along with lensman Tyler Orton, climbed into a 2002 Toyota Tundra outfitted with a camper that she built with her father and set off for five months on the road, traversing Oregon, Washington, and California for both the maiden voyage of the adventure-ready rig, as well as of United Slopes. And as luck would have it, Des, Tyler, and their fledgling journey were welcomed both with plentiful West Coast storms and by numerous local communities of snowboarders who wanted to share their home mountains.

Benchpress – The Movie

Featuring a bench in every shot, these boys are not just sitting around tossing bread at the birds. Just watch. This movie is sure to be talked about for years to come.

If you don’t know, now you know. Check out more snowboarding videos from the past season here!