“Very few people actually believed he could snowboard for a living…” is not a sentence you’d think was ever said about Eiki Helgason. As one of the forefronts of freestyle snowboarding, his latest endeavor takes a closer look at his roots and his rise. Island Born, a three part project from the Icelandic snowboarder that splits into a zine, full part, and documentary, connects the dots between his life and career.

Harkening back to Subjekt Haakonsen, Eiki’s father narrates the intro, and then it immediately cuts to a fast paced edit of creativity from a man that has been pushing snowboarding for years. All filmed in his homeland last season, the elder Helgason shows that he is not only Island Born, but bred. A complete part from an area about the size of the state of Ohio… Eiki has set the bar once again. Be on the lookout for one of limited edition print releases and check back for the full documentary dropping later this month!