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Men’s Video Part of the Year: Jake Kuzyk

A long time coming for the Canadian, Jake Kuzyk is the recipient of the Riders Poll 20 Video Part of the Year award for his LANDLINE. ender. Hailing from the flatlands of Winnipeg, Manitoba, and making a name for himself with the Videograss crew, the Canadian rider has long been lauded for his exceptional blend of smooth style and proper execution. Kuzyks prowess on a skateboard and knowledge of that discipline undoubtedly plays into his keen eye for trick and spot selection. Shutting down one of the most noteworthy pieces of cinema in modern snowboarding, with a part set to a New Order track, Kuzyks riding shines brighter than ever. With his LANDLINE. ender, Kuzyk sets the bar for contemporary street riding, fed by natural speed and taken way beyond predictable down-bar scenarios.

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About Riders’ Poll: For 20 years, TransWorld SNOWboarding has polled the professional snowboarding community to find their picks for the best riders of the year. Each season, these awards are decided by the opinions of over 100 pros. While TransWorld SNOWboarding hosts the awards, the winners are truly a reflection of peer acknowledgementthe highest honor any rider can receive.

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