Jake Pates just went from wildcard to potential Olympic gold medalist in the matter of 30 seconds. With a 97.33, Pates just beat the biggest names in halfpipe snowboarding including Scotty James, Ben Ferguson, Danny Davis and Ayumu Hirano, making him a venerable David amongst a slew of Goliaths. Starting with a massive double Michalchuk and ending with a backside double 1260 tailgrab, Pates landed high on the wall and kept his speed throughout his run. Stunning the crowd, the Vail, CO local was at a loss for words on the win. His winning run is above, along with the second and third place run from Scotty James and Ben Ferguson below. Check out the livestream of the Women’s final going down right now and be on the lookout for more coverage from Dew Tour 2017 in Breckenridge, CO.

Scotty James: 96.00

Ben Ferguson: 92.00

Full Results:
1. Jake Pates 97.33
2. Scotty James 96.00
3. Ben Ferguson 92.00
4. Ayumu Hirano 91.00
5. Iour Podladtchikov 87.33
6. Danny Davis 83.33
7. Chase Josey 82.66
8. Gabe Ferguson 77.66
9. Greg Bretz 77.00
10. Jan Scherrer 60.00
11. Markus Malin 50.00
12. Ryan Wachendorfer 31.66

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