Jess Kimura Full Part 2015-16

Redirects, rails, and rooster tails.

Jess Kimura is one the heartiest riders in snowboarding. Visible in the video segments she has released, she isn’t afraid to illustrate the falls that went into getting the shot nor is she withdrawn about the trials and tribulations one goes through in a season in order to compile two-three minutes of footage. The result is that Jess always leaves it all out in the streets and in the mountains, putting her everything into her snowboarding and because of this, producing parts that resonate emphatically, loaded with style and skill. Here’s her full part from the past season, footage she originally intended to show to family and friends, but after having shoulder surgery and spending her rehab time editing she decided to release it for everyone. We’re glad she did.

Here’s the story, direct from Jess:

So, after scraping my way through last season I had a much-needed shoulder surgery and started editing to pass the time in rehab.   Originally I put this together just for fun, to show my sponsors and friends.  It’s been a rough road with countless injuries and setbacks but I decided to share this with the world anyways. You only live once. Cameo by Kaleah Opal, dedicated to Mark Dickson.