There aren’t many films that sum up the feeling of a season’s worth of work more than Jetpack’s biggest project to date. Jetpack: Lost In Space is a high-quality, one-of-a-kind snowboarding flick, with a a unique supporting cast and distinct soundtrack.  Amanda Hankison’s project captured everything, including our attention. No better way to finish out the year than sitting back and watching one of the strongest feel good projects of the year. Enjoy bangers from this family of shredders and everything in-between!

From Jetpack:

Last winter was an unprecedented journey through all of space and time punctuated by worm holes and dark matter.  Collecting what we could along the way, we were driven to find what was beyond our sight and determined to make it back to our home under the star Polaris.  Guided by the constellations collecting above Mt. Hood, our trajectory led us to a discovery full of light and vision.  Now equipped with knowledge acquired from afar, we invite you to join us on our next endeavor into the study of what truly propels  us – Check out the print magazine Rocket science here! 

Not actually filmed in space, but pretty much everywhere else. HCSC at Mt. Hood, Oregon, Quebec, Salt Lake City, Brighton, Stevens Pass, Mission Ridge, Loon, Mammoth, Seattle, Michigan, and everywhere in between is featured in the film. It was a large collaborative undertaking and we would like to thank all of those that helped on the way!

Riders featured include Nirvana Ortanez, Danika Duffy, Mary Rand, Jill Perkins, Alexa McCarty, Blake Geis, Grace Mayernik, Oliver Dixon, Amanda Hankison, Louie Arrigoni, Ted Borland, Ari Morrone, Rav, Ivika Jurgenson, and Jeff Holce.
Art by Davidaisy with music by Desiree Melancon, Ashley Dawn-Byrd, and Jesse Paul.
Filming by Ashley Dawn-Byrd, Mia Lambson, Nirvana Ortanez, Danika Duffy, Mary Rand, Derek Weimer, Tyler Orton, Jake Howell, Amanda Hankison, and more! Super8 by Ted Borland & Nirvana Ortanez. Final edit by Amanda Hankison.
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