Where one finds an increase in elevation, there’s bound to be a set of stairs. It’s simple. When architectural designs align, said stairs are flanked on one or both sides by a metal railing, rife for riding and often burned into retinas of snowboarders who shoulder dulled edges and scarred bases. There are a handful of these faithful monuments, icons of elbowed steel, at the ski resorts we frequent, traversed most often by clusters of families, ski bums, and weekend warriors whose gloved hands glide over the cold tubes without much thought, and it is these spots that are stuck in the minds of both locals and visitors, to whom a double kink means more than extra support on an icy day.

It’s a rare instance when a resort lets one of these hallowed rails loose and signs off for a crew to strap in and drop in. Thredbo Resort in southeast Australia opened up an iconic DFD at the Friday Flats base area this past week, an event that brought together a group of Oz’s most qualified rail savants. Jye Kearney, talented Aussie shred, collaborated with his home resort on the first-ever Jye’s Jam, and Jye handpicked the crew to come and compete, but more than that, spend an evening pushing one another on the familiar steel. A crowd lined up, the riders turned up, and the bevy of tech tricks that went down were jaw dropping. Switch backlips, 270 variations, giant gaps. If you aren’t familiar with these Down Under street phenoms, Jye, Andy James, Harry Green, Bryan Bowler, Bryce Bugera, Joel Cantle, Luke Stavely, Rocco Rachiele, and Troy Sturrock, consider this your introduction.

Filmed by Marcus Skin, Lucas Wilkinson and Max E. Edited Marcus Skin.

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