K2 Seek & Enjoy Sessions – Episode 3: Creativity

One of the many fantastic things about snowboarding is that really, there are no rules or boundaries. The way one person looks at a line or feature is unique and a good session between friends can spur inventiveness amongst the group. In episode 3 of K2 Snowboarding Seek & Enjoy Sessions, Jordan Mendenhall and Danny Larsen channel their inner lumberjacks with a session in the woods of Rainbow Mountain. Deep in the British Columbia backcountry, these guys line up a variety of hits and spend a summer day shredding in the trees. The forest in the area is rich with old growth and is a veritable playground for redirects and tree jibs. Press play and enjoy this video, appropriately titled Creativity.

Make sure to check out the K2 Snowboarding I Snowboard Because… Contest. After each episode of Seek & Enjoy Sessions, three winners will be chosen to receive prizes from K2. One grand prize winner will win a free snowboard trip to Whistler!

Here are some details and check out K2 Snowboarding I Snowboard Because… for all the info.

Why do you snowboard? Why did you start snowboarding? Everyone has their own story and we're stoked to find out yours. Seek & Enjoy Sessions: Whistler, is a four part web series documenting the place, process, creativity and good times that defines our passion for snowboarding here at K2. Videos will release through December 12 and each week we'll be giving away free swag to three people while one lucky person will be chosen at random and sent on a Whistler snowboard trip for free during the 14/15 season.

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